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207 N US Highway 27
Suite A
Minneola, FL 34715

Phone: 352-432-3231
Fax: 352-404-8649
Email: admin@aliveandwellnessclermont.com

Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am- 5pm

Saturday Closed

Open on Sunday by appointment only (For Massage)


Take a Break and Appreciate National Mental Health Month

This month provides us with an opportunity to slow down and recognize the individuals who are surviving day to day with ongoing mental health issues. It is not easy living with a mental health disorder and soceity is not exactly rolling out the welcome mat. Here are some ways you can help celebrate the day... Read More

Shaping Your Outlook

Our lives can sometimes take us on a path that is unfamiliar to us. As we journey through this course of life, we need to take our blinders off and open up ourselves to endless possibilities. Too many times we miss out on what life has to offer. Here are some ways you can bring into focus the direction your headed and whether it is the right one for you... Read More

R & R

Sometimes we spend time focused on everything but ourselves. It is important that we pay attention to our bodies. We may not realize how much missing time to rest and relax can affect us. Our body depends on this to give us time to recover from all the stress that it endures daily. Here are some ways to ensure you receive proper rest... Read More

Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to providing a holistic health framework to wellness, empowering our clients in Clermont / Minneola, Florida to make transformative decisions by taking responsibility for self-care and achieve optimal levels of wellness in order to reach their full potential. We strive to look at the person's well-being to include mind, body and spirit. Our purpose is to create a healthy and supportive environment that fosters and enhances personal effectiveness with respect for individual needs. We are dedicated to supporting the overall health of the Lake County community by providing a variety of services to include psychotherapy, spiritual and substance abuse counselingmassage and case management. Our goal is to promote positive change, self-sufficiency and to be a guide to individuals on their journey to finding equilibrium.


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207 N US Highway 27 • Suite A • Minneola, FL 34715
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