After careful thought and consideration about the connection between our inner selves and our bodies, I have come to the conclusion that in order for us to be at our best, we must first consider the way we think about ourselves. If we view ourselves as a failure then that trickles down to our bodies and our minds become a sewer for these thoughts. Here are some ways you can avoid getting into this type of mentality.
We often give gifts to people we care about and give little thought to ourselves but its important to pamper ourselves and to feel special about who we are. Giving your body a massage can help you feel better about yourself and help you get that extra pep in your step. Getting a mssage not only helps to relax the body, but also the mind. Here are some ways in which you can indulge yourself and experience a place where you won't want to come back from.
When you begin to look at all the work it takes for us to function at our best on a daily basis its truly insane. We are not only responsible for ourselves but also for hundreds of other tasks. No wonder we are overwhelmed and looking for ways to escape from  it all. Finding healthy ways to get away is not hard but it requires dedication. Here are some methods you can use to help cope effectively with the day to day.
This is a topic that the least talked about amongst our community. No one wants to focus on something that could potentially lead to death if not addressed. Society has taught us to brush it under the rug or that its an attention seeking behavior and so people have learned to suffer in silence. As we focus on bringing more awareness to this topic, let us help to break the silence and help those who need our support.
When you feel tired of having to find a way to relax your body from all the hardship that it has had to endure, look no further, massage therapy is the way to go. Your body and mind are connected and its important to ensure that you are taking care of your body because if it feels good, so will you. Here are some tips on relaxing your body.
On this day we remember the importance of caring for our well-being as women. We take the time to stop and reflect on all the unique aspects of ourselves and ensuring that we are embracing the time and care it took to be at this point in our lives. International Day of Women's Health not only signifies health on the inside but healthy mind and spirit. Our bodies feed off of what we tell ourselves and the actions we take to ensure that we maintain a healthy body.
Its Spring time and during this season life happens. Take a moment to enjoy the flowers as they grow and appreciate that you get to see it. In a moment life can change and you don't want to miss out on what it has to offer. Below are some things that you can do to help you appreciate the moment.
Its easier said than done to always find a calm way to handle any situation but its not impossible. Many times we let our anger get the best of us and this becomes the norm. We need to press the reset button and get back to finding healthier ways to cope with anger. Here are some more appropriate ways to express anger.
This is a topic that brings saddness to me to even have to recognize it as an issue. I know of individuals personally who have had to endure sexual assault and I've watched them try and recover and get back to some sense of normalcy which is not easy. In recognizing the importance of providing support for survivors of sexual assault, here are some steps.
This month provides us with an opportunity to slow down and recognize the individuals who are surviving day to day with ongoing mental health issues. It is not easy living with a mental health disorder and soceity is not exactly rolling out the welcome mat. Here are some ways you can help celebrate the day.


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