Waterfront Yoga - Free Yoga or by Donation

Group Yoga Class

Waterfront Yoga - Free Yoga or by Donation
Waterfront Yoga - Free Yoga or by Donation
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About the Class:

Alive and Well has a beginner's Yoga class that offers a variety of foundational yoga techniques for EVERYONE to enjoy! This class is a pay as you wish class, which means the only cost for the class is what you can or wish to offer. If you can contribute $1, that's appreciated, $10, that, too, is appreciated, if you can't contribute anything for a class, that isn't a problem at all... we still want you to come out and enjoy. 

Friday morning, Water front Yoga, wants to eliminate any financial obligation, one may have in achieving the benefits of what Yoga has to offer!

Held outdoors, with a spectacular view of the water, this class offers a unique atmosphere to relax, breathe and stretch... together.

All participants are welcome, as there is no ability or age limit, but all individuals will be asked to sign a waiver... and for our friends that are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will be asked to sign your wavier. 

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Although, we will be providing yoga mats for those that are unable to obtain their own and water for those that are in need, everyone is encouraged to bring their own yoga mat, water and towel (as our supply is limited).


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Class Location: Waterfront Park, Clermont FL 

Specific Location: about 500 feet, left-facing, of the splash pad. 

Class Day: Fridays 

Class Time: 9am - 10am

Cost: Donations (Pay as you wish, if you can) 

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